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Homestuck: in truth no beauty, G, 516 words

Title: in truth no beauty
Rating: G
Relationships: Calliope/Roxy Lalonde
Content notes: N/A
Summary: No matter how many times a lie is told, it won't become the truth. (Roxy-seeing-Calliope-for-the-first-time fic.)
(Note: I was working on an AU fic for this week and it kind of got out of control and is now huge and the relationship hasn't even started, so uh, I probably won't post it for a while. I guess this fic sort of fulfills the challenge since the premise has been jossed, making it AU by definition, but that's a silly technicality so I'm not going to count it.)

Eventually the door stood wide open and there, on the other side, she was.

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