Challenge #008: Epistolary Fiction

This week's challenge is...

Epistolary Fiction

Letters, emails, text messages, etc.!

Kamen Rider W: Intermezzo ~Maximum Drive~, E, 2444 words

Title: Intermezzo ~Maximum Drive~
Rating: E
Relationships: Akiko Narumi/Wakana Sonozaki
Content notes: N/A
Summary: Set in the same universe as The Sum Of Our Parts. Wakana reads about something called "sex" and wants to try it out.

"Levels? It's not a video game."

Challenge #007: Polyamory

Hi, everyone! A little late this week because I'm tired out from moving cross-country to live with my fiancée. Here's your challenge for this week:


Show us your favorite OT3s, OT4s, and O-T-Mores! (As usual, girls only.)

Challenge #006: Supplication

Hi! Your theme this week is...


This post is also your one-stop shop for leaving fandom and pairing requests. Please only comment once. Edit your first comment if you want to add to it. (You can leave a second comment with a different request if and only if your first comment was already replied to by somebody else.)

Kamen Rider W: The Sum of Our Parts, G, 8545 words and counting

Title: The Sum of Our Parts
Rating: G
Challenge: Alternate Universe
Relationships: Akiko Narumi/Wakana Sonozaki
Content notes: Canon character death, canon-typical violence
Summary: After ten years, Akiko Narumi has finally found her missing father. She's also found a whole lot of trouble. (AU where Wakana fell in the well. 2 of 6 chapters complete.)

Akiko Narumi stared up at the building in front of her. This was a billiards hall—was this really where she was supposed to be?

Challenge #005: Flashbacks

I meant to do this yesterday, but things happened. Sorry! This week's challenge is...


Good luck!
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Fire Emblem Awakening, Make Me Wanna Shoop, G, 452 words

Title: Make Me Wanna Shoop
Rating: G
Relationships: Sully/Miriel
Content notes: hospital setting. texts from last night give you some of the best prompts. 

(403): I just sustained a forearm injury dancing to salt n peppa in my kitchen. Fack. I pushed it real good.

Homestuck: How Many Licks, T, 448 words

I'll put up the next challenge on Sunday! Sorry for the delay.

Title: How Many Licks
Rating: T
Relationships: Vriska/Terezi (ambiguous quadrant)
Content notes: Terezi licking
Summary: How many licks does it take to get to the Trolltsie Roll center of a Trolltsie Roll Pop?

"You never said I couldn't bite."
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Homestuck, G, 445 words

Title: Home safe
Rating: General Audiences
Fandom: Homestuck
Relationships: Jade Harley/Rose Lalonde
Content notes: Sentient Cities, unreality 
Summary: Remember when Rose became a city and Jade lived within her?

Challenge #004: Suggestions

Welcome to the fourth weekly challenge...


First of all, this is a post where people can suggest future challenge themes. I am, after all, only one person! Second of all, this is a challenge in and of itself; if the word "Suggestions" helps prompt you to write something, then by all means, go for it!

Anyway, this is the official "suggest a future theme" post. Comment here with a theme you'd like to see.

Challenge #003: Alternate POV

Welcome to the third week of [community profile] saffic! This week's challenge is...

Alternate POV

What that means is entirely up to you. Rewrite a canon scene from another POV. Write a fic where the viewpoint character changes every few scenes. Or just write a story where differences of opinion are important.
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Hands, Steven Universe, 320 words.

 Title: Hands
Rating: G
Challenge: Challenge 002 - Alternate Universe
Fandom: Steven Universe
Relationships: Rose Quartz/Jasper
Content notes: Something small because my tendons hurt
Summary: A steampunk AU. 

I guess you could call this wishful thinking.

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Homestuck: in truth no beauty, G, 516 words

Title: in truth no beauty
Rating: G
Relationships: Calliope/Roxy Lalonde
Content notes: N/A
Summary: No matter how many times a lie is told, it won't become the truth. (Roxy-seeing-Calliope-for-the-first-time fic.)
(Note: I was working on an AU fic for this week and it kind of got out of control and is now huge and the relationship hasn't even started, so uh, I probably won't post it for a while. I guess this fic sort of fulfills the challenge since the premise has been jossed, making it AU by definition, but that's a silly technicality so I'm not going to count it.)

Eventually the door stood wide open and there, on the other side, she was.

Challenge #002: Alternate Universe

Hey, everyone! A week has passed, so that means it's time for the second challenge. This one is...

Alternate Universe

Yep, I'm getting the broad/easy prompts out there right away to lure more people. Bring us your modern AUs, your space opera AUs, your "for want of a nail" AUs! Give everyone daemons! Go wild.

"First Kiss" is, of course, still available for filling. (Like I'm going to say no to cute girl kisses? Please.) And you can always post fic that isn't for a challenge as well.
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(no subject)

Title: Silver

Rating: G

Challenge: First Kiss

Relationships: Say'ri/Tiki

Content notes: N/A

Summary: Post game, Tiki and Say'ri attempt to rebuild Chon'sin together.

Sometimes, it takes a little more bravery.

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: Imagine Them In Their Underwear, G, 425 words

Title: Imagine Them In Their Underwear
Rating: G
Challenge: First Kiss
Relationships: Lisia/May
Content notes: N/A
Summary: May is a little nervous about contests. Luckily, she has someone to help her out.

"Oh my god, May, you're getting so good at this!"
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Homestuck: Too Cool For School, PG, 713 words

Title: Too Cool For School
Rating: PG
Relationships: Roxy Lalonde/Latula Pyrope
Content notes: Underage smoking and drinking
Summary: Roxy and Latula are a couple of cool babes.

The cool girl grinds down a stair rail on her skateboard, spray-paint can in hand ready to scrawl her tag on the wall.

Challenge #001: First Kiss

In honor of [community profile] saffic's grand opening, the first weekly challenge will be...

First Kiss

Write an actual first kiss, or write about characters discussing their first kisses, whatever you like: It's not a strict guideline, it's just a prompt meant to get your creativity flowing. And of course, feel free to post fics that aren't related to this challenge too!
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Homestuck: Remnant, G, 399 words

Title: Remnant
Rating: G
Relationships: Calliope/Roxy Lalonde
Content notes: Character death
Summary: For the first several decades of your life with Roxy, you cherished the differences between you. Now you wish you could erase them.

Link to fic

I have a few more fics in my backlog but this is the last one I'm posting for now, to avoid drowning a brand-new community with just my posts.
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Ace Attorney: something like magic, G, 3145 words

Title: something like magic
Rating: G
Relationships: Pearl Fey/Trucy Wright (plus Pearl shipping Phoenix/Maya as usual)
Content notes: Crush/Pre-femslash
Summary: Trucy and Pearl's first meeting is a doozy.

Somehow, they were lost.