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Title: The Sum of Our Parts
Rating: G
Challenge: Alternate Universe
Relationships: Akiko Narumi/Wakana Sonozaki
Content notes: Canon character death, canon-typical violence
Summary: After ten years, Akiko Narumi has finally found her missing father. She's also found a whole lot of trouble. (AU where Wakana fell in the well. 2 of 6 chapters complete.)

Akiko Narumi stared up at the building in front of her. This was a billiards hall—was this really where she was supposed to be?
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 Title: Hands
Rating: G
Challenge: Challenge 002 - Alternate Universe
Fandom: Steven Universe
Relationships: Rose Quartz/Jasper
Content notes: Something small because my tendons hurt
Summary: A steampunk AU. 

I guess you could call this wishful thinking.

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Hey, everyone! A week has passed, so that means it's time for the second challenge. This one is...

Alternate Universe

Yep, I'm getting the broad/easy prompts out there right away to lure more people. Bring us your modern AUs, your space opera AUs, your "for want of a nail" AUs! Give everyone daemons! Go wild.

"First Kiss" is, of course, still available for filling. (Like I'm going to say no to cute girl kisses? Please.) And you can always post fic that isn't for a challenge as well.


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