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Welcome to the fourth weekly challenge...


First of all, this is a post where people can suggest future challenge themes. I am, after all, only one person! Second of all, this is a challenge in and of itself; if the word "Suggestions" helps prompt you to write something, then by all means, go for it!

Anyway, this is the official "suggest a future theme" post. Comment here with a theme you'd like to see.
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Welcome to [community profile] saffic, a community for f/f fanfiction.

Posting Guidelines

You can post any fic that you yourself have written, either by posting the text inline in an entry, or by linking to an external source like Archive Of Our Own or When posting fic, your subject line should be along the lines of Fandom: Title, Rating, # of words. (Example: Homestuck: Remnant, G, 399 words)

Your post body should consist of the following:

Challenge: Delete this line if the fic wasn't written for one of our weekly challenges.
Relationships: (F/F should be the focus; F/M, M/M, or other relationships are allowed in the background as long as they don't distract from the F/F)
Content notes: (Anything you think the reader should be aware of before clicking.)

<cut text="witty text here">If you're posting it here, the body of your fic goes under a DW-cut!</cut>
If you aren't, then please link to wherever your fic is hosted.

Tag your post with the name of your fandom. Right now, everyone should be able to create tags. As long as that isn't abused, it will stay that way.

Acceptable Content

[community profile] saffic is for F/F relationships only -- whether you call it femslash, shoujo-ai, GL, yuri, or whatever. Other types of pairings may exist in the background of your works, whether as an aside-mention that two characters are together or as a "beta couple" in a longer and plottier work, but the primary focus of the fics posted here should be romantic and/or sexual relationships between two or more women.

Fanfiction from any fandom is allowed. Original fiction is allowed, as long as it's free to read. Real-person fiction is allowed, but people who aren't famous in their own right (non-famous relatives, etc.) are off limits.


Once weekly, I'll put up a post containing a challenge prompt for the week. This could be a trope like "Coffeeshop AU" or a writing style like "nonlinear storytelling". You don't have to do anything with these prompts, but if you want a little inspiration then you're free to use them and tag any resulting fics with *challenge: $CHALLENGENAME. You can post responses for old challenges whenever you like. It's not like we're on a deadline.


Comment here! I'll do my best to answer.


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